Published 07 March 2017

Harvington The Friendly Village


In these turbulent times on almost every front, isn't it nice to reflect on those grand old days and songs now past but not forgotten  - SULTANS OF SWING... WALK OF LIFE... MONEY FOR NOTHING... SO FAR AWAY... GO YOUR OWN WAY... DON'T STOP..., and many more.

Now you can re-live them!! The rumour is true!!  DIRE STRAITS, FLEETWOOD MAC, and other top-notchers of the music scene are coming to our own little Harvington village!!  (Well, maybe it's not entirely true, but a little bit of stretching doesn't do any harm, does it!)

The "Big Happening" is taking place at    HARVINGTON CRICKET CLUB on 29 NOVEMBER 2014.     8PM TILL LATE.Renowned live covers band of talented musicians 'THE FOLLOWING' will present a a musical extravaganza of the great popular hits of that more carefree happy-go-lucky era.

Contact TREVOR KNOWLES on 01386 871334 for tickets - only £10 per head including food during the interval. Raising funds to help Harvington Cricket Club move the boundaries forward (?? -  no pun intended!) into 2015, and capitalise on recent successful seasons.

Limited tickets availability    -    BOOK NOW !     DON'T MISS "THE FOLLOWING" !