Published 30 September 2017

Harvington The Friendly Village

This website is published by the Harvington Trust registered charity 507356 for the benefit of the residents of Harvington


Jubilee Orchard

If you can help contact

Phil 870363 or Clive 870003

Harvington Jubilee Orchard Spring 2017 Wild ducks enjoy the pond

This website is owned and managed by the Harvington Trust

The Harvington Trust

Every resident of the village over the age of eighteen is a member of the Harvington Trust.

 The aims of the organisation are:

It manages the Harvington Jubilee Orchard in partnership

with the Harvington Parish Council.


Seven Trustees are elected at the Annual Village Meeting and the Parish Council appoints two councillors plus the Parish Council Chairman to serve on the board.

  Current trustees                  Parish Council representatives

   Phil Bawn - Chairman      John Colebrook - Parish Council Chairman

   Alan Hurst - Secretary      John Redman

   Clive Allen - Treasurer      Tim Swift

   John Cocks

   Richard Dorrell

   Dave Harrington

    Pete Ashplant

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